Super girl on girl

super girl on girl

23 Jan Previously on Supergirl, Saturn Girl proved herself the best of the Legion of Superheroes, with Brainiac 5 in close second, and Supergirl was faced with a new foe called Reign who was also Sam in the same way that in Buffy—wait, I think I know too many people watching Buffy for the first time to make that. 22 Jan Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson) is finally getting the team-up with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) she's always wanted. Last week it was revealed that Saturn Girl (aka Imra), Mon-El (Chris Wood), and the rest of the Legion have the key to saving the future hidden in their DNA, but that didn't stop Saturn Girl convincing. 22 Jan While she had never been a regular reader before, Supergirl guest star Amy Jackson is now a bona fide comic book fan after having bought up enough Legion of Super-Heroes books to get studied up on her role as Saturn, yes, just like you would think, starting your comic book reading [ ]. super girl on girl

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