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3 Nov The First Bra Was Made of Handkerchiefs. One hundred years ago today, Mary Phelps Jacobs received a patent for the garment she had invented while preparing to go to a dance. Google Patents. People had used naturally occurring glass, especially obsidian (the volcanic glass) before they learned how to make glass. Obsidian was used for production of knives, arrowheads, jewelry and money. The ancient Roman historian Pliny suggested that Phoenician merchants had made the first glass in the region of Syria. There are many different types of automobiles - steam, electric, and gasoline - as well as countless styles. Exactly who invented the automobile is a matter of opinion. If we had to give credit to one inventor, it would probably be Karl Benz from Germany. Many suggest that he created the first true automobile in /


Made in Abyss OST: 2. The First Layer 24 Nov So who could not wonder when this substance first entered the palette of human- made materials? It starts to appear in archaeological remains in significant quantities in the Late Bronze Age, around BC, and consensus has long located the geographical origins in the Middle East. But that still leaves. The first case of curd formation was a case of accident as was with the discovery of wine or vinegar. The milk was kept unattended for a long time, the milk started souring(due to lowering of pH) as a result of microbial action. The microorganism Lactobacillus is responsible for curdling of milk. Then some amount of this was. 1 May The company will produce cars in the first phase followed by cars in the second phase.

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ADULTERY REAL AMATEUR A Delamare-Deboutteville vehicle was patented and trialled in Retrieved 10 July The insult term scumbag was originally a slang word for condom. When was the first computer invented? Even with the medical fittings, however, glans condoms tended to fall off during use. Condom" or "Earl of Condom" described in these stories has never been proved to exist, and condoms had been used for over one hundred years before King Charles II ascended to the throne.
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