Zorra alt

zorra alt

Define zorra: any of several coarse tropical grasses. km NofZimapan, 22 July ; alt. 3, m. Moore , UC. Puerto de la Zorra, near km on hwy. NE of Jacala, 3 Aug. ; alt. 5, ft d,f). Ogden , DES, US. Along hwy. between Pachuca and Real del Monte, 18 Jan. MEXICO. Ogden , DES. UC. Hill W of Mexico-Laredo hwy. just N of Fed. renkavle ECON: Alt-host (crop diseases, crop pests), Weed (also poss. seed contam.) DIST: native: N. Afr., W. Asia, Cauc., Mid. Asia, Ind. Subcont., Eur. lisohvost lugovoj: лисохвост луговой; Sp.: alopecuro, cola de zorra, rabo de zorra, vulpino, Swed.: ängskavle, Tiirk.: çayrr tilki kuyrugu ECON: Environ. ( erosion control.


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